Sunday, May 16, 2010

Newman Studies Journal

E' uscito il nuovo numero del Newman Studies Journal, pubblicazione di carattere scientifico a cura del National Institute for Newman Studies con sede a Pittsburgh.
Questo è l'indice del numero:

- FORD J.T., Editorial Preface. 3-4.
- MILLER E. J., Newman on the Tension Between Religion and Science: Creationism Evolution and Intelligent Design, 5-19.
- LINDLEY D.A. Probability and Economy in Newman’s Theory fo Knowledge. 20-28.
- HUGHES B.W. Une Source Cachée: Blaise Pascal’s Influence upon John Henry Newman. 29-44.
- SHEA M.C., Newman, Perrone, and Möhler on Dogma and History: A Reappraisal of the Newman-Perrone-Paper on Development. 45-55.
- AGUZZI St. D., John Henry Newman’s Anglican Views of Judaism. 56-72.
- LUU-QUANG V.B., Newman’s Theology of the Immanent Trinity in his Parochial And Plain Sermons: 1829-1834. 73-90.

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